My youngest child has 16 days of high school left. Ever. She’s our third so we’ve been through this before, but we always had another one following behind to occupy our attention. This time, every milestone is a last:

The last football game she cheered at, then the last basketball game, then the last cheer competition which was truly the last time she will wear the uniform.

The last track meet.

The last choir concert.

The last youth group retreat.

The last prom.

Soon we will be attending the last high school graduation, then taking her off to college…our last to leave home.

But her graduation coincides with a first—our first college graduation, that of our oldest daughter.

And many more firsts will follow in the next few years, I’m sure:

The first full-time job.

The first apartment.

The first to bring home a future spouse for dinner.

The first vacation for Joe and I alone, not to get away from our kids, but because they can’t join us.

Our lives have been full the past years, and we will miss every moment of chaos. But maybe we will have time to slow down and savor the next round of lasts and firsts in this next season of life.

I’m looking forward to it, with a few tears mixed in. I am blessed.

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This past weekend, our second child, our only son, graduated from High School. Much of my time in the days preceding was spent going through pictures, capturing moments to display on his Reflection Board. As I looked back at the process of a little boy turning into a man, I remembered a conversation among a group of friends long ago, probably at the park as our kids played together. These friends, most of whom had kids just a little older than mine, were talking about their favorite stages of childhood, from a mother’s perspective. One friend said something that has always stuck with me:

“Every stage is my favorite.”

How true it is:

When they are babies, it’s my favorite because they are adorable, cuddly, and miraculous.

When they are toddlers, it’s my favorite because they are doing something new every day, the age of discovery.

When they are moving into school age, it’s my favorite because their independence immerges and their personalities develop.

When they approach the teen years, it’s my favorite because they are big enough to have an opinion and be on their own a bit, but small enough to still give mom hugs that fit under her chin.

When they start driving, it’s my favorite because the taxi service slows down and the adult in them starts to show.

When they are in their late teens, it’s my favorite because we can do adult things together, and since we have given them freedom, they still like to be with us.

Right now, the graduation stage is my favorite. A little less parenting, a little more friendship and sage advice. And a big world out there waiting to be tested and explored.

I’m enjoying every moment, until the next stage.

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