My youngest child has 16 days of high school left. Ever. She’s our third so we’ve been through this before, but we always had another one following behind to occupy our attention. This time, every milestone is a last:

The last football game she cheered at, then the last basketball game, then the last cheer competition which was truly the last time she will wear the uniform.

The last track meet.

The last choir concert.

The last youth group retreat.

The last prom.

Soon we will be attending the last high school graduation, then taking her off to college…our last to leave home.

But her graduation coincides with a first—our first college graduation, that of our oldest daughter.

And many more firsts will follow in the next few years, I’m sure:

The first full-time job.

The first apartment.

The first to bring home a future spouse for dinner.

The first vacation for Joe and I alone, not to get away from our kids, but because they can’t join us.

Our lives have been full the past years, and we will miss every moment of chaos. But maybe we will have time to slow down and savor the next round of lasts and firsts in this next season of life.

I’m looking forward to it, with a few tears mixed in. I am blessed.

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A new year is a great time to take inventory of our priorities, set goals and dream big. Sometimes our plans are large and life-changing, like choosing a college, changing careers, or relocating to a new neighborhood. But sometimes it’s the little things added up together that make the biggest impact, like an impromptu walk to Starbucks with a child, turning off the TV and playing a game, or a quiet conversation over a great glass of wine. These are the moments that define life.

Recently, I spent the day with a friend who wanted to take me beach glass hunting. We had been talking of this day trip for a couple of years and finally decided to make it happen. After a peaceful ferry ride on a spectacular fall day, we drove to North Beach near Port Townsend, a quiet beach notorious for its bountiful beach glass.

As I started hunting, I was disappointed that there weren’t large chunks of glass lying in wait for me to pick them up…I had always thought that beach glass only consisted of healthy-sized pieces. No, what we hunted for were tiny, gem-sized bits that, put together in a clear bag, made for a good-sized handful of sparkling, beautiful color. The slower we went, the more we found, sometimes sifting through handfuls of sand and pebbles to find the treasures. There were people on the beach who had collected large bags of these little pieces of color and when grouped together, they were stunning. Big pieces were rare, but the small pieces were bountiful if we took the time to look hard enough.

This year, we have some large, life-changing events happening in our family that will move us into a different phase of life. Because school graduations don’t happen often but tend to alter life dramatically when they do, and we have two of them, I plan to do what I can to look beyond those large pieces of glass, sift through the pebbles, and search for the little gems, those snatches of time that are so precious. Added up, these are what give sparkle and color to life.

And life will be more beautiful because we slowed down and took the time to find the gems.

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I’m often asked, “When is the best time to sell a house?” Most people think spring is “real estate season” and according to a recent Zillow report, they would be right. May 1st through 15th is statistically the best time to sell, nationally and locally. The factors that go into this data would include fewer days on market and higher sales prices.

But what if you aren’t ready to sell your home on May 1st? What if you are suddenly relocated by your coApril blogmpany on September 1st? Or December 15th? Or what if your heart doesn’t tell you the time is right until January 31st?

Then September or December or January is the best time for you to sell. People buy houses all the time. They aren’t limited to the season and they have reasons to be looking at all times of the year. Joe and I have sold houses the day before Thanksgiving and the week after Christmas. Life happens!

However, if you are thinking of selling, now is a good time to put those thoughts into action. Many people do look for homes in the spring because they are wanting to be in their new home before school starts in the fall. Or they want to move in warmer weather. Or their perception is that there is more inventory available (which there often is) so they get pre-approved with a lender in order to search in earnest.

Whatever your reason and whenever you are ready, I’m only a phone call away. And while I don’t work on Thanksgiving or Christmas (a couple of days off a year is ok, right?), I’m always ready to answer your questions and help you get started.

Your time is always the best time.

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Welcome to 2016. I feel like I should write something profound about how to make the most out of another year, or how to do something better, or lessons we learned from the Seahawks falling short of a third Superbowl bid (but we are extremely proud of our team!).

But I’m not coming up with anything really profound to share, except to say that in 2016 I want to enjoy my family as much as possible. All our kids are still with us and we know that time is short so Joe and I want to make the most of it. And what better way?

Eat more pizza!

Pizza is a food group in our family. We eat it together probably once a week, and the freezer is always full of the frozen variety. With crazy schedules, they often are baking at odd hours in our house.The amazing Pesto Pizza at Village Pizzeria

But we also love to try it on our adventures and have eaten pizza on most of our trips and many spots around town. While we love the pies created by local chains like The Rock, Zeeks, or MOD, I would love to share with you our top three picks for independent pizza dives.

Number 3: Topolino's Pizza: located on NE 8th in Bellevue in one of the last remaining original strip malls, this true dive is probably better for take-out (there are only a couple of small tables). Traditional Brooklyn-style pizza is served (also available on gluten-free crust) along with salads, subs, pasta and calzones. Try the Topolino’s Special, a combination of all the good stuff.

Number 2: Flying Pie Pizza: Joe and I first tasted Flying Pie in Portland while we were in college (so we’ve broken the one-off rule a bit here). In 1997, they opened a store in downtown Issaquah (also in an old strip mall) and once we discovered it, it became a family favorite. The toppings are chunky and piled high—after a slice or two of this pie, you are stuffed! Try one of the combos (and they have gluten-free crust as well). Get your soda by the pitcher, enjoy the salad bar, and have fun hanging out with friends in this good old-fashioned dive.

Number 1 (drumroll!!): Village Pizzeria: our absolute favorite! Village is located in Langley on Whidbey Island (our happy place!) and has recently expanded to include an entire glass line with spectacular views of the Sound. But even before they had the prime spot in town for whale watching, we loved their pizza. It’s true New York-style (the owner is from there), they only take cash, and they don’t have a website so you’ll have to take my word for it. We love the Combination (as you can tell) but our absolute favorite, and their specialty, is their Pesto Pizza (pictured). It’s layered with thick, molten mozzarella and drizzled with an outstanding, garlicy pesto. One bite and not only have you lost a layer off the roof of your mouth (that’s required with any great pizza), but you will think you have tasted heaven. They sell their pizza by the pie or you can also get it by the slice if you need a snack while perusing the charming town. In the summer, couple your slice with a house salad (they make, and sell, their own yummy dressing) and enjoy the outdoor patio overlooking the water.

So there you go. Our favorite pies. What’s yours? We will want to try it!

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